In addition to the Dynamic Navigation Audit, we at STAG also offer clients ” VDR Remote Navigation Audit “

A Remote Navigation Audit provides an objective independent check by a trained auditor that the correct procedures are being followed on board. The human element is generally acknowledged to be a major factor still in many shipping incidents and accidents so this audit reduces the risk of future accidents occurring.
OCIMF now is promoting this majorly , as quoted below
ExxonMobil MESQAC
“[VIQ 4.10.48] It is is strongly Preferred that VDR data is used for evaluation of navigation practices and compliance with the vessel operator’s procedures.

Comprehensive navigational audits are conducted while on passage by a suitably qualified and experienced person
Navigational audit while on passage is carried out within 12 months. Where a planned sailing navigational assessment has not been possible or where no other option for conducting a sailing audit is immediately available, the Superintendent utilizes VDR downloads to conduct an unannounced remote navigation audit, in order to assess navigational practices on board.The process should be over a fixed time span and involve a critical passage such as a Straits transit, port approach or pilotage situation. The assessment should be made by third party professionals.



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