Tanker Services

Tanker inspections are becoming more difficult and inefficient due to intensive cargo operations. We can carried out the services both Remote / Onboard.

The inspection and examination of a process or quality system to ensure compliance with requirements. An audit can apply to an entire organization or be specific to a function, process, or production step.

A significant amount of world trade has been carried out by maritime transportation. There has been a significant increase in quantity and tonnage of tankers, with the requirement for well qualified and experienced personnel in the maritime industry.

flag states have increased the number of inspections on tankers due to safety concerns. Tanker inspections are becoming more difficult and inefficient due to intensive cargo operations. Inefficient, subjective or substandard inspections/evaluations are usually leading to incorrect decisions, and causing an unfair market.

Sire 2.0

The SIRE 2.0 inspection process is an inspection and not an audit. It has been designed to evaluate how a vessel is managed by considering the material condition of the vessel and its hardware and how the vessel crew conduct their day-to-day duties in accordance with company procedures.

The Ship Inspection Report programme (SIRE) is a unique tanker and barge risk assessment tool used by charterers, terminal operators and government bodies to assist in the assurance of ship safety standards.

The vessel operator should have developed a procedure which defined the process for the vessel to monitor the validity of all major and minor certificates required to be carried on board, specifically identifying those required to be carried in accordance with the List of Certificates and Documents Required to be Carried On Board Ships.

Where the vessel carried electronic certificates, these should be controlled through a process described in the vessel’s safety management system.


To distinguish between those organizations who embrace the International Safety Management Code (ISM) in its true spirit and those who aim at fulfilling, only minimum requirements we have our inhouse audit model constructed in line with the Oil Majors requirement which brings out the true picture Safety & Environmental protection standards of the organization.
We review the SMS procedure and organizational culture of the Company, list out the gap, redesign and develop the current SMS for the additional procedures to make the SMS more effective to fulfil the gap.

Our team has personally attended many Oil Major vetting and were also involved in preparing the organizations for the TMSA audit & TC approval.

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