Our team excels in providing various marine quality assurance related services that serves as an optimum tool for comprehending the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, posed by internal and external environments and verify that internal control systems are robust to achieve flawless operation and to deliver set objectives cost-effectively.

Our Audits and Inspection portfolio includes all aspects of office and ship board operations:


  • TMSA Audit and Assessment
  • SMS development / SMS Gap Analysis
  • OVMSA Audit and Assessment
  • MTMSA Audit and Assessment
  • Vessel condition survey


  • Navigation assessment
  • Cargo Operation assessment
  • Mooring Operation assessment
  • Engine room operation assessment
  • Pre vetting inspection / Vetting attendance
  • Pre-PSC inspections
  • TMSA compliance verification
  • ISM / ISPS / ISO Audits
  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Condition assessment / H&M survey

With vast training experience, our team can design and conduct customized training programmes catering to the training needs of office and on board personnel. Our strong rapport with the industry also provides us a better understanding of required training needs.