Port Captain

At Stag , we provide Owners/Charterers a Full range of Port Captain/Cargo Superintendent services to assist Master in all facets of cargo operations (Dry, Containerized, Liquid & Chemical) and also for Bunker Surveys.

Once appointed our Port Captain liaises closely with all parties to ensure pre-planning of the cargo operations and ensure a professional load and/or discharge operation. During cargo operations we have our Port captain in attendance on a 24/7 basis.

Following below is the assistance our Port Captain will provide to Master while he is onboard

  • Oversee and direct vessel and stevedoring operations to ensure Owners/Charterers Cargo Handling Guidelines and customer's requirements are followed, all manifested cargo is discharged, all designated export cargo is loaded, and shifting and loading of cargo conforms to the Vessel Planner's stow plan.
  • Ensure efficient, timely, and correct preparation and submission of all required documentation related to the cargo and operation.
  • Assist Vessel Planner in optimizing vessel's stowage planning as necessary.
  • Assist Stevedore in optimizing cargo unitization and stowage as well as discharge/load operational efficiency.
  • Monitor cargo handling activities and cargo damage occurrences to identify problems, prevent damage recurrences, and increase cost efficiencies.
  • Ensure subcontractors operate according to the requirements and guidelines set forth by Owners/Charterers.
  • Review and improve cost control of vessel operations (including correctness of vessel's labor time sheets) in accordance with stevedore contract.
  • Work with the vessel to ensure vessel stability, trim and other conditions are at safe operating levels.
  • Develop and maintain strong, positive working relationships with Owner/Charterer contributors, stevedores, ILO labor, processors, surveyors, Port Authority personnel, and all vendors relating to Owners/Charterers business.

Bunker Surveys is a specialist service for owners/charterers, helping them find “hidden” bunkers onboard. This survey is done at the time of bunkering and also off-hire to ensure the accuracy of master's re-delivery ROB. We have been very successful in helping owners/charterers prove and recover cost of excess bunkers on re-delivery.