Our team use their long past experience backed by technology and our checklist to generate a technical report based on a thorough inspection of the vessel, equipment and parts.

We at Stag , assist our Clients in the pre purchase inspection of vessels which is one of the important activities in the Purchase of a vessel. It involves a huge amount of money and profession knowledge of particular type of ships and functions.

We offer a complete, independent & objective report which is designed to satisfy the buyer’s need. Any further requirements or specific instructions from our clients will be looked at by our inspectors.

Our standard report covers the following:

General and descriptive information, measurements, capacities, tonnages, inspection findings, necessary certificates and documents, the propulsion’s motor’s condition (maintenance specification and information), condition of the auxiliary engines, electric equipment, boilers, propellers, tailshafts, steering gear, reduction gears, clutches, treatment plants, separators, purifiers, discharge monitors, heaters, compressors, air bottles, air conditioners, lockers, spare parts, ship seachests and discharges, transverse propellers, pumps and pipes. It will also include the consumption to different situations, latest loads, tank coating conditions, storage areas, deck, engine room, arrangements, deck equipment, mooring equipment, safety equipment, fire-fighting equipment, thickness measurement reports, etc.
The detailed report generated bringing out the actual present condition of the vessel becomes a primary tool for the decision making in evaluating net worth of the asset.

Types of Inspections

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