Dry Bulk and Containers

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RISQ 2.0

The RightShip inspection questionnaire has been expanded and revitalised as part of an ongoing inspections enhancement rollout in September 2022, adopting Industry comments and recent recommendations and regulations. RISQ 2.0 brings significantly higher standards, requiring more effort by the Shipping Companies & especially by the seafarers onboard.

Stag Specializes in providing a comprehensive Audit checks for your Ship to be Ready for Inspections & Commercial Readiness.

The questionnaire has been expanded to include more vessel type specifics, making it the most comprehensive inspections reporting tool in the dry bulk sector. The expanded scope of inspections covers statutory items as well as recommended and desirable items with reference to IMO, ISO, ILO, OCIMF, ICS, P&I Loss Prevention Bulletins, maritime publications and industry codes of practice.


The Dry Bulk Management Standard is a set of resources for ship managers to use to self- assess and improve (or maintain) their performance. It contains guidance on how to. conduct self-assessments and specific subject areas in which each focus on an area of ship. management.

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