Audits Inspections

A specialist service offered by Stag using highly experienced and competent auditors for vessel audits and inspections. Our team consists of master mariners & chief engineers with wide ranging experience to complement each other's skills.

Vessel Inspections come under various categories and Stag has the expertise and experience to conduct these audits and inspections:

ISM Audit, ISPS Audit, MLC Audit , ISO 9000 Audits, Safety Audit, Internal Audit, Preparation for External Audits of office and vessel, Charterers Inspection ,Port State and Flag State Inspections

In addition Stag also able to carry out audits and Inspections as per any special requirements namely " Surveillance Audits of 3rd Party Ship Managers & Vessels "

All Audits as per TMSA 3 are carried out as below

  1. Cargo Operations Auidt
  2. Mooring Operations Audit
  3. Engine Room Operations Auidt
  4. Environment Audits
  5. Energy Audits

The following Inspections are carried out

  1. Pre AMSA / USCG inspections prior vessel proceeding to US / Australian Ports
  2. Support at any Australian Port during AMSA boarding
  3. Support at any US Port during USCG boarding
  4. Support at any Chinese port for Chinese MSA boarding