About Us

STAG Marine Management was conceptualized to do it differently in the huge ocean of Marine Consultants available world wide to have a Feeling of " Ownership" even as a consultant

The concept started when a New Tanker Owner in the Subcontinent approached for setting up Marine Management Systems hence the new concept of out sourcing Selected Ship Management functions was now born.

With our only Motto for Hard work & Dedication with a team who share the same goal “ We will Make it Happen , Each Time ..Every time …” We give Relations the most importance. Nothing is more important than that !!!! The company is founded on basic principles to ensure Ship Owners feel comfortable with their assets The main concept is that consider the ship as it was your own , give the owners that feeling by open communication , keeping them updated on the vessels condition ,commercial advise to reduce costs & increase profits- The Main reason for Ship Owning however giving “ Safety “ the prime importance.